Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lucid dreaming

my heart is in my stomach
'cause i ate love for dinner
and you are like a prize
and i am all a winner

we touch with words
and hands
and feet
and sometimes still
our mouths will meet

and words flow in
and sighs flow out
i wonder what
this poem's about?

so sleep deprived
so full of sun
your warmth, because
you are the one

burning hot
desire can be
but it won't hurt
when felt simply

i hear the frogs
and stars i see
but i'm not where
i want to be

and so i sit
and rhyme and dream
and think of things
not as they seem

and wistfully
i see a life
where i have kids
and i'm a wife

i smile all day
though i am sleepy
and arms hold tight
when i am weepy

and arms hold tight
when i am glad
and calm me down
when i am mad

mais c'est facile
to dream like this
but it's not real
and you, i miss.

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